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Headteacher performance management - External Adviser to the Governors

Paul is an experienced HTPM external adviser and has been working with Heads and Governors since 2007 in this capacity.

I aim to make HTPM a valuable process for all parties - helping to contribute to the ambition and vision of the school in raising standards and progress for all children, the professional development of the Head and to support Governors in their accountability role.

I aim to work to the following model:

If possible, the cycle begins in the Summer Term with the Head and Governing Body agreeing dates and timings to ensure well ahead that I have days available!

Usually in the Autumn Term, the Head and adviser agree the extent to which the objectives have been met (using school-based evidence supplied to the adviser). The adviser will provide initial advice to the Governors' review panel in advance of the review meeting. (Should the Head and the adviser not agree, they give their views separately to Governors). The adviser will have due regard to the National Standards for Headteachers.

The adviser then meets with the review panel to review the panel's monitoring of the Head's performance during the year; provides advice on the extent to which the outgoing performance objectives have been met, including factors relevant to the achievement of these; provides advice on objectives for the coming year together with any relevant professional development advice.

The Head then joins the adviser and the panel and the adviser supports the panel in reaching a judgement for each outgoing PM objective and for the Head's overall performance. The adviser also supports the meeting in agreeing objectives for the coming year.

The adviser completes a draft summary review statement and statement of objectives agreed for the coming year. This goes to the chair of the panel for approval and is then forwarded to the Head.

The process is expected to take the adviser a day in total, with a half day set aside for the meeting with the panel and the Head. The school will nominate the chair of the panel - who will be the contact with the adviser and liaise re dates and the process. All parties will ensure that the process is evidence based in its judgements; sets objectives that are clear, challenging, achievable and time limited; have due regard for life/work balance; reflect closely children's attainment and progress and the current school priorities; and have clear success criteria.

The panel may agree one or two in-year review meetings with the Head to keep abreast of progress on the year's objectives.

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