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Improve your class teachers

An effective way to help teachers reflect and improve so that their children do even better!


A structured and supportive approach to individual self-evaluation and improvement in the classroom.

I provide a framework for teachers to reflect increasingly diagnostically on the relationship between their children’s learning and the teaching they are experiencing.

It is a flexible but structured approach that allows teachers to become:

  • comfortable with watching themselves teach on video

  • skilled at looking at their children as they learn and seeing what works and what doesn’t

  • confident to challenge themselves to identify points for improvement

  • and then to devise and apply

  • strategies for bringing about improvement in learning and teaching behaviours in their own classroom

This can run as:

  • a development package for individuals

  • a peer coaching model for pairs or groups of teachers - or the whole school

  • It is completely tailor made to suit the school and the individual teachers. It recognises that schools and teachers are different and that they have the power and knowledge to improve in ways that fit their own vision - it is not a package that offers a ‘this is how to teach’ solution!

Costs reflect the time spent in school and the origination costs of the supporting documentation. Contact me for a discussion! It won’t break the bank!

Rapid progress within a lesson - the hands-on experience

How to show progress within a lesson: KS1 and 2.


Improve the effectiveness of your teaching and your children’s learning.


This PD experience explores a number of strategies for ensuring that your teaching enables children to make progress within a lesson.

It suggests and demonstrates ways to:

  • Increase the engagement of learners in class

  • Keep up rapid pace and focus

  • Ensure that all children are learning and making progress within the lesson

It is a practical, hands-on session that is designed to stimulate staff reflection about planning, teaching and differentiation. It also shows clearly how to ensure children make rapid progress.

It is fast paced (1.5 hours max).

Run the session as a staff meeting or part of an INSET day. Tried and tested strategies will make a difference to your school.


Staff meeting 15 delegates or fewer:

£400 (delegates all from one school); £600 (2 or more schools)


Staff meeting 16 to 30 delegates:

£600 (delegates all from one school); £1000 (2 or more schools)


The nature of the experience means that 30 is the maximum number of delegates that can be accommodated in one session.

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