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After a busy week and relentless new initiatives the implementation of SIPs was another directive that I was sceptical about! How wrong I was! I’m not too proud to say that Paul kept me sane through my early days of Headship. This was one partnership which was not a ‘going through the motions’ agenda. Rather than see the scheduled meetings as another imposition on an already overworked day, I looked forward to the supportive challenge and inspirational ‘chats.’ The result of which helped me feel comfortable in my role and confident that the decisions I made were in the best interests of the pupils in my school. The structure Paul provided, in terms of reflecting on the challenges I faced, helped me to focus and prioritise.

It is fair to say that ‘professional challenge’ is one of Paul’s strengths. Never one to shy away from a debate many of my ‘eureka’ moments were found during our professional dialogues. I can honestly say I am a better teacher and leader for having been supported by Paul.

I thought ‘blue sky thinking’ was a euphemism for a lazy plane journey until Paul made me realise that ‘a space to think’ was as important as yet another meeting to bounce ideas around with colleagues. Through his insightful anecdotes and real life leadership experiences Paul helped me to develop a more holistic approach to leadership. Thankfully this now encompasses my own work life balance after Paul made me realise that my own emotional and physical wellbeing were major determining factors in the success of my school. I have a lot to thank him for!

Michelle Hooper

Head teacher West Heath Primary School


"I want to thank you for your support over the past four years. Your guidance, challenge and clear thinking have played a major part in helping move my school from a vulnerable position to one of strength."

Steve Kelly

Headteacher, The Arnold Academy

“I am a better head teacher for having worked with Paul. His support and advice was second to none and pivotal to the success of the school in responding to turbulence with speed and a clarity of thought that ensured improving children’s life chances remained at the heart of the matter.” Comment from a Primary Headteacher leading a school out of challenging circumstances.


"Dear Paul, I just wanted to let you know that our monitoring visit from OFSTED recently went really well. The

inspector has graded us as Good. He said that we had tackled all the points from the last inspection and were doing really well. I wanted to thank you for the part you have played in our success as there is no doubt that your support and advice was key to moving us so far forward in a short time."

Rosemary Horton

Headteacher, Broadmeadow Infant School

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